Santa Ana Election update

Republican Lynn Daucher is STILL ahead in the battle for the 34th State Senate District, per the OC Voter Registrar’s website. Daucher is leading Democrat Lou Correa by 553 votes. I think she will ultimately win – and that is bad news for Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante, who is now stuck on a deadlocked city council. And the Claudia Alvarez faction may pick up Ward 1 in a Special Election that the police and fire unions figure to stay out of. Even worse for Carlos, his seat in Santa Ana’s Ward 3 is up in two years. Let’s see how quickly he sticks his finger in the air and ends up siding with Alvarez. That would be a smart move, but I have come to expect the opposite from him…

Alvarez is the clear winner in Santa Ana, as the head of a team that includes council newcomers Michele Martinez and Sal Tinajero. She ought to be our next Mayor Pro Tem as well. Now is the time for her to rally the troops and take on Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream. His contract comes up in March, and like Rummy, he must go! Let’s send him packing to his mansion in Coto de Caza. It is time for a fresh start in Santa Ana.

We also need to focus on Ward 1. I agree with Martinez – it would be great to get behind a qualified woman for this ward. Hey Tish – would you mind moving to Ward 1? Whatever happens, this seat must not go to another Pulido hack.

And let’s not forget the SAUSD school board. My sources tell me that Cecilia Aguinaga wants Tinajero’s seat – but lets consider all comers and do what is best for our kids. I like Aguinaga, but it bothers me that her children are enrolled in a private school – something I found out towards the end of the election cycle. Our next board member should be a proud supporter of PUBLIC schools. We also need to work to rid the board of Rob Richardson and Rosie Avila. We brought change to our City Council – now let’s do the same to our school board.

I would also like to see a new ad hoc organziation come together in Santa Ana to support the need for change. How about calling it the “Santa Ana Reform Commission?” Let’s work together and make sure that Pulido and Ream get an earful. Martinez has posted her objectives on this blog, and I am in FULL agreement. The youth should come first and I can think of no better way to do this than to start building libraries again. I know the City Council will never appoint me to the Library Board, or any other commission, but I have resolved to get involved with our “Friends of the Library.” I have the will – and we will find the way to get more books into our children’s hands.

Let’s also demand mayoral term limits and ward specific elections. It is time to empower the people of Santa Ana. Viva la Revolucion!

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