Pulido fears ward-specific elections because he doesn’t want to lose power

Ward-specific council elections have been the talk of Santa Ana this week, and already the Pulido faction has trotted out their tired reasons for opposing this move. Here are their arguments, and my rebuttals (in italics):

  • Council members would be fighting each other for every dollar to be spent in their Wards. What would happen to the major projects needed by the City, as a whole, that might only directly benefit one or two neighborhoods? (Currently many, if not most, of the major projects in Santa Ana benefit only developers. The Pulido faction is infatuated, for example, with skyscrapers that will make our already crowded streets impossible to navigate. Even Planning Commissioner Don Cribb, a major Pulido hack, admitted at the last Planning Commission meeting that “Main St. is too crowded.” Duh! Ward-specific elections will allow us to elect representatives who will stand up to developers instead of taking bribes from them – as was the case with Mike Harrah and his infamous Hawaiian condos).
  • What would happen to the special projects that were neighborhood specific, but needed more than 1/6th. of the available money? (What available money? Our Mayor and City Council closed all of our libraries, save one, and cancelled our bookmobiles. And yet Pulido thought it was a grand idea to negotiate a new contract with the firefighter’s union a year and a half before their current deal was set to expire. Let’s face it – unless a council member is a slave to Pulido, projects in specific wards are not funded, period. In a ward-specific system, the council members would actually have to work together – instead of selling out to Pulido and his special interests. What a concept.)
  • Would all the other Council members vote against those projects because they sucked up dollars they wanted for their Wards? (If we elect intellligent, educated and experienced council members who will listen to their constituents, good things will happen. Currently Pulido puts up carpetbagggers and empty suits, for the most part. And quite a bit of money is sucked up by City Manager Dave Ream’s dumb ideas, such as the medians we can’t afford and didn’t need).
  • What would stop the Council from forming coalitions to keep money out of a Ward in an effort to make that Council member look bad and get them defeated in the next election? (Councilmembers who are Pulido hacks, like Carlos Bustamante, do a fine job of looking bad all on their own! You bet a lot of us will be looking to defeat him in the next election! Moreover, if an independent council member nominates a commissioner that Pulido does not like, you can bet that the Pulido majority will form a coalition to keep that nominee off any city commissions.)
  • And it gives Council members another easy out. They can always blame other Council members for their failures. Oh, I forgot. That’s what they’re doing now. (Wrong again. Right now they are working on sweeping the last vestiges of Ream and Pulido out of City Hall. Good for them!)
  • Vote trading would become an absolute necessity. Vote for my “this” and I’ll vote for your “that”. Talk about back room deals. Ward elections would elevate deal making to a new high! (Who are you kidding? Pulido and his hacks, Alberta Christy, Jose Solorio and Carlos Bustamante, just tried to circumvent the voters by cutting the new council members out of negotiations with the firefighter’s union! Talk about back room deals! Good thing Lisa Bist, Claudia Alvarez and Mike Garcia refused to play ball! The Pulido administration is the most corrupt one in the OC; ward-specific elections will break this machine once and for all.)
  • Currently, Council members are free to speak out on every issue in the City because they represent the entire City. (Not so! Look what happened to Garcia when he tried to be independent – Pulido wrecked him. Once we clear out Ream and Pulido our city council members will finally be able to speak their minds. Until then we all have to watch our backs).
  • And Voters would only have a say in their own Ward election. They could not influence the election of other Council members. If four Council members banded together to freeze out the other three, how do you change that? (That is exactly what has happened in Santa Ana throughout Pulido’s reign. Now at last our council members can make the best decisions for their constituents without having to bend knee to Pulido and Ream).
  • You would be pitting neighborhoods against other neighborhoods. Watch how that changes the discussions at neighborhood meetings and ComLink. (Give me a break! Com Link does not represent the majority of residents in our city. Ward specific elections will truly empower residents by allowing them to vote for council representatives who will stand up for their interests.)

The truth about ward-specific elections is that they allow ANYBODY to make a reasonable run at the city council. That is what Ream and Pulido fear the most. Up until this year they have absolutely controlled most of the outcomes of our local elections by raising thousands of dollars from special interests and public employee unions and electing only those who agree to be Pulido hacks. This year we figured out, inadvertently, how to defeat the Pulido puppets by splitting the vote. Never again will Pulido be able to use his machine to keep us down. If we can pass a ward-specific ballot measure, we will be able to make sure that henceforth only those who are truly known in their wards, and in the city, will be able to prevail. Pulido won’t be able to elect carpetbaggers from Huntington Beach, and empty suits who do nothing to improve the city or their neighborhoods.

All we are asking is that the voters be allowed to decide for themselves if they want ward-specific city council elections. What are Pulido and Ream afraid of? They are afraid of losing power. And yet that is coming to pass anyway…

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