Potential low voter turnout. Which party or inititiative will it help or hinder

Blog by Robert Salladay in the LA Times:

This is catching election officials by surprise. Normally, about double the number of absentee ballots would be turned in by now. Statewide, only about 27% of voters who requested vote-by-mail ballots have completed their civic duty.

Something is happening. Here is a sample of a few big counties, with the number of ballots returned to election officials so far compared to how many voters had requested absentee ballots. Los Angeles: 219,246 returned, 32% of ballots requested Alameda: 98,385 returned, 31.7% Orange: 35,503 returned, 8% Sacramento: 67,028 returned, 27% San Diego: 140,318 returned, 33% San Bernardino: 73,833 returned, 35%Voters still have a few days to mail the ballots, which must arrive by Tuesday, and they can always drop the ballot off at polling places on election day. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/politicalmuscle/

Larry Gilbert commentary:
I urge every voter to show our troops that while they celebrate Thanksgiving away from home and their families, we will honor them by casting ballots by next Tuesday.

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