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I am going to be out of town all of next week, including Election Day, so before I run out of time I would like to offer my picks for the local offices of interest in Santa Ana and our legislative districts:

Santa Ana City Council

Ward 2: Tough race! There are three terrific candidates in Evangeline Gawronski, Tish Leon and Michele Martinez, and one Pulido puppet in Tino Rivera. Gawronski is the sole Republican in this contest – and I helped her garner the official endorsement of the Republican Party of Orange County. She is my pick – but if you a Democrat and you only vote that way, either Leon or Martinez are great picks. Rivera? Nice guy – but he will be dead weight on our City Council – and a reliable rubber stamp for our Mayor-for-life Pulido. No thanks.

Ward 4: There are no Republicans in this race – just a Pulido puppet in David Benavides and his opponent, Nelida Yanez. No question here – Benavides scares me. He reminds me of the politicians in East L.A. who come from nothing, sip from the chalice of civic power and promptly become corrupt.

My colleage, Luis Rodriguez, says Benavides reminds him of Mike Garcia, the nice-guy council member destroyed this year by Pulido. Not so. He reminds me of Pulido – starting out with the right ideas, but quickly becoming compromised. Benavides has already been caught accepting money from a developer who had a matter before the Santa Ana Planning Commission- the body Pulido planted Benavides on in order to give him a better ballot designation. That’s right – Benavides appears on the ballot with a job description of “Santa Ana Planning Commissioner.” Didn’t know you could live of that meager stipend…why not tell us what he really does for a living? And just what exactly happened to Yanez’ signs?

Benavides has also told some of us that he is pro-life while telling other that he is pro-choice – and Santa Ana School Board Member Rosie Avila is so enthralled by him that she endorsed him. That alone is reason enough to oppose him. The only real choice in this ward is Yanez.

Ward 6: This is the race that drove my former colleague Tim Whitacre into Pulido’s arms. The OC Democrats endorsed Sal Tinajero, and just like that Whitacre was living the Nativo Recall all over again. Whitacre is now backing Democrat Jennifer Villasenor, a Huntington Beach city planner who is way over her head in this campaign. Just take a look at her answers during the few candidate’s forums that she attended. She barely makes any sense. You can look at the footage at the website of the Republican candidate for Ward 6, George Collins. He is of course my pick. Watch the footage of thse forums – Collins and his wife shot the film and edited it – and he almost always steals the show. He is highly intelligent and full of great ideas for our city.

Mayor: A lot of folks don’t know this, but I used to be a Pulido supporter – ten years ago. He has since completely sold out to special interests. He even refused to let us vote this year on mayoral term limits. He really needs to go! I am supporting the endorsed Republican in this race, my colleague Thomas Gordon. He is heavily involved in local issues, including OBP, Markland, and the ongoing problems with shopping carts and grafitti. I promise you that if he gets elected he will shake up the status quo in Santa Ana! I know he will work to open new libraries, fix our streets and create more after-school programs for our kids. Vote Gordon on Nov. 7 and be assured that he will clear out the special interests that have taken up camp at City Hall.

Santa Ana School Board

Two incumbents are running. They are both Democrats, as is the sole challenger. I am supporting the latter, Cecilia Aguinaga. I think John Palacio has come a long way, but he supported the ill-fated PLA that was attached to the SAUSD construction bond. That makes him a “no” in my book. I also cannot support Dr. Audrey Noji. She has accomplished nothing in her long time on the SAUSD board. We need new blood – toss Noji overboard.

Rancho Santiago Community College District, Trustee, Area 2

John Hanna versus Steve Rocco. There is only one choice in this race – and that is Hanna. He is a great guy and he promised me that if Measure O passes, which will help to fund ongoing new construction at the college district, he will not allow a PLA to be attached to the bond funds. Yes! Thanks John.

47th Congressional District

What a mess! No Republicans qualifed as write-in candidates after Tan Nguyen went off the deep end with his now-infamous voter intimidation letter. I sure can’t endorse Democrat Loretta Sanchez either. Take a pass on this race and wait for the next one in two years.

69th Assembly District

It is because of this race that I am so adamant about getting Republicans elected at the local level. Because of legislative term limits, we need to develop future candidates at local level. Otherwise you end up with a Young Republican representing you, which is what happened here. At any rate, I am supporting Ryan Gene Williams, my colleague here at the Orange Juice, and the Republican candidate for the 69th. His opponent, Jose Solorio, a Democrat who has served on the Santa Ana City Council (see what I mean?) is pathetic – as a Santa Ana Council Member he cut the library budget to the bone, and then he dared to mail out potholders in the June primary telling voters to “Learn English.” He also was happy to give away valuable land, via eminent domain, to a rich car dealer who is a member of the OC Lincoln Club, Republican fundraising group. Talk about brazen!

34th State Senate District

I don’t live in this district, but if I did I would vote for Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher over OC Supervisor Lou Correa. Don’t be fooled by write-in candidate Otto Bade – an admitted friend of Correa. Daucher will hold the line on taxes and growth of government. Correa won’t. It is as simple as that.

Statewide Races and Judges

Go to for information on who the Republican judges are and vote accordingly.

I am voting for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and all the other GOP statewide candidates.

That’s it. Whatever you do, please vote on Tuesday, Nov. 7 – or send in your absentee ballot right away.

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