OC Registrar’s Office… Open for Business

Earlier today I visited the Registrar’s office to see how they were progressing with wrapping up the Nov 7th election. There is evidence to back up the saying that “every vote counts” and “every vote will be counted.”
Although they are still checking and counting Provisional Ballots, and most of the races have been decided, the Registrar’s staff will continue counting votes into next week. They have until Dec 5th to Certify the results.
Before leaving I was curious to look into the basket overflowing with late contributions.

In the Board of Supervisors race in the 5th District candidate Cassie De Young made four deposits into her account within six days totaling $300,000 dollars.

The real winner of Measure M was the US Post Office. Although we have yet to see the final report, that is due in January, I found postage on eight mailings totalling $554,000.

Late contributions: In addition to the Agua Calinete Band of Cahuilla Indians, who kicked in $100,000 on Oct 23rd, I also noticed a $10,000 contribution from William Lyon and Affiliated Entities, $49,900 from Shea Homes and Affiliated Entitites, $28,000 from Operating Engineers Local Union #12, $7,500 from UBS Securities, $10,000 from Sempra Energy, $10,000 from Kinsell, Newcomb & De Dois, $10,000 from Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, $50,000 from SCC Acquisitions, $10,000 from Sukut Construction, $10,000 from Woodruff, Spradlin & Smart, $25,000 from Triple Net Properties, $10,000 from Roberts Ready Mix and $49,900 from Walt Disney Co & It’s Affiliates.Without listing the “smaller” late contributions the YES on M campaign raised over $2.5 million dollars.

Larry. Measure M passed. What’s your point? Look at all of the money donated from “special interests.” My only regret was that I was not a participant in 1990 when we were GUARANTEED several deliverables, that in my opinion, were never enforceable yet the public bought in and are letting the developers off the hook on their responsibility to share the cost of roadway infrastructure related to their developments in Anaheim, Irvine, Lake Forest and elsewhere.

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