More OC election updates

Lou Correa finally had a good showing today as he made up half the difference with his Republican opponent, Lynn Daucher. Correa now has 50,072 votes while Daucher is still ahead with 50,433 votes. There are 6,200 ballots outstanding, and according to Red County/OC Blog, Daucher needs 47% of the remaining vote to tie, whereas Correa needs 53%. Ironically, those are the very margins they achieved today. There is no telling what will happen in this race.

Meanwhile, in Santa Ana, Sal Tinajero is now 542 votes over his competitor for Ward 6, Pulido puppet Jennifer Villasenor. Pulido himself remains under 70% of the vote, which I am told is driving him crazy. Michele Martinez remains in the lead for Ward 2. Also, all fo the Santa Ana charter reform amendments passed. Up next are ward-specific elections and mayoral term limits!

In the SAUSD school board race, John Palacio and Audrey Noji are the winners. Cecilia Aguinaga remains behind them – but she says she is going to run for Sal Tinajero’s seat.

In the Capo Unified school board race, all the conservative Republicans won. No surprise there.

In Orange a scandal has erupted as council winner Denis Bilodeau is in trouble for having stolen a competitor’s sign. One letter writer in today’s Register called on him to resign. Apparently charges have been drawn up by OC District Attorney Tony Rackauckas. If Bilodeau resigns, Carol Rudat will prevail, which is sure to drive a lot of GOP partisans to distraction.

One story that has not made any headlines is the fine job done by Westminster Councilman Kermit Marsh, a member of the OC GOP Central Committee. He was able to help a lot of local GOP candidates in his area to prevail in the election. But his friend on the Westminster School Board, Judy Ahrens, appears to have lost. Incidentally, only one of the Vietnamese school board candidates won, Andrew Nguyen.

Meanwhile in Garden Grove, Dina Nguyen widened her lead over Harry Krebs. She looks like a lock to prevail and gain a seat on their city council. Her consultant, Ken Maddox, will be intolerable now.

One of the overlooked shockers was OC GOP slate mail expert Jim Lacy losing in his council reelection bid – he is now off the Dana Point City Council despite raising and spending some six figures. Maybe his endorsement of OC Sheriff Mike Carona backfired?

In Costa Mesa the “Return to Reason” slate can now return to obscurity. It looks like Mansoor and Leece won easily.

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