Measure M supporters..follow the money

Although the 9-30 Measure M supporters contribution report is not the final tally I thought it might be interesting to know who is funding the yes on Measure M flood of literature. Contributions listed on this partial report exceeds $1,000,000 dollars. Yes, you read that correctly. Over one million dollars and counting.

We often read concerns about “out of town” contributors. What’s their agenda, etc.
One donor, that jumps off the page, is the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians whose contribution, through Sept 30th, was $100,000 dollars.
If the Indian casino owners wish to get people from LA, Orange and surrounding counties to their hotel casinos faster than perhaps they should help fund any additional transportation solutions to those responsible for said efforts. Why should the residents of Orange county be asked to pay when many of us do not patronize their casinos?

Other out of state donations were received from firms based in Minneapolis,MN; Austin,TX; Birmingham,AL; Providence,RI; Englewood, CO; to Sunny Isle, FL.

Let me list the top players plus two others:
Auto Club $203,773.00
OC Businss Council $163,800.00
Agua Caliente Band 100,000.00
RMV Entitlement Co 99,800.00
The Irvine Co 99,800.00
Heritage Fields LLC 99,000.00
Lennar Platinum Triangle 99,000.00
Sares-Regis Group 50,000.00
Centex Homes 49,900.00
CH2M Hill Inc 49,900.00
John Laing Homes 49,900.00
Michael Hayde 49,900.00
Walt Disney 49,900.00
William Lyon 49,900.00
Roger Grable 100.00
Martin Thompson 100.00

Note: All contributions of less than $100 are comingled for campaign reporting purposes. I have included two examples of individual contributions of $100 to make a point. If the majority of Orange County’s current residents truly support the extension where are their contributions? Virtually every donor has a self serving Agenda.
The massive donation from the AAA remind me of the school teachers who wish to “opt out” of their union dues being used for purposes or candidates they do not support. I wonder if my membership and services from the Auto Club are diminished due to their massive outlay for Measure M?

My message is clear. Vote NO on Measure M. Even OCTA admits that this is not a one time opportunity to address the transportation issue.
Looking forward to your feedback.
Larry Gilbert

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