Measure M contributors…Flying under the radar screen

In an earlier post I listed the major donors to the Measure M extension. What I failed to explain is why some of the contributions just happen to be below the radar of public visibility.

Any contribution exceeding $100,000.00 must appear on all literature as a major donor. The $100,000.00 contribution by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians does not appear. Why? Because it conveniently arrived late. OCTA does not want you and I to know that they also kicked into the pot. In yesterday’s mailer it reads “major funding by the Automobile Club of Southern California and the Orange County Business Council.” It did not include reference to any Indian tribe or property developers.
Taking you back to my prior post. Notice the $99,800.00 donations under the radar screen. They didn’t wish for us to see that data on their mailers.
So, as a reminder, let me repeat the names. The Irvine Company and RMV Entitlement Company. They are closely followed by two donors who contributed $99,000.00. Heritage Fields El Toro LLC and Lenar Platinum Triangle LLC.

Extending Measure M is vital to the bottom line of the developers anxious to build homes from Lake Forest and Irvine to the Platinum Triangle on Anaheim.

Measure M does not fall under the slogan, it’s for the children.” It does however fall under the slogan it’s for the developers and Indian casino owners.”
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