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As you seek advise on who to vote for or which ballot measures to support or oppose I recommend checking the authors and their source of funding. In an earlier post I listed the major donors to the proposed Measure M extension.
Now let me share some of their expenditures which, through Sept 30th, exceeded $500,000 dollars.
Let’s focus on the consultants, many of which are known to me and possibly yourself. Think about their AGENDA as they advise you on Measure M.
And the winner is Schubert Flint Public Affairs with $107,010.63. Bear that in mind when you read or hear from Jeff Flint.

Another consulting firm on the listing is Stacy Davis who was paid $40,000.00 followed closely behind by Lewis Consulting Group LLC at $35,000. Senator John Lewis and Matt Holder have been associates of mine for over 12 years.

The last consulting group on the filing was Magnuson and Waters who was paid $15,000. Meg Waters is the former partner of Roger Faubel who bought out her interest in their prior firm.
My point is that every one of these firms and their staff are paid to promote Measure M. Those of us in opposition are doing it for the taxpayers of Orange county. Other than safeguarding taxpayers money we have nothing to gain. We are not seeking any compensation or political appointments.

And now to the sports section of today’s Register. My wife and I are Clipper fans. In reading coach Dunleavy this morning he reiterates what I have posted previously. He was responding to questions of expectations after a rather successful 2005 season.
“Don’t believe your press clipppings, because you know what? They don’t count anymore. All those wins we had last year? They went away. We’re zero and one right now.” Note. That was before last nights victory over Denver.

Larry what’s your point? The consultants and OCTA have worked very hard pointing out all the accomplishments of the first Measure M which we were told was to be temporary and end after 20 years. They want you and I to focus on the past and not question the future needs and plans. Notice how much spin is devoted to their rear view mirror marketing. In addition to our fuel taxes we paid billions of dollars for said projects. That’s yesterdays story. If you don’t believe me ask Clipper coach Dunleavy or any sales manager when a salesperson is not bringing in new orders.

Larry Gilbert’s point of view. I always welcome yours on the Juice blog.

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