Fleischman endorsed by OC GOP – and another Nguyen enters the race for OC Board of Supervisors

Tonight’s OC GOP Central Committee meeting was an abbreviated affair as many members were away due to the impending Thanksgiving holiday. However, we had a quorum and sure enough we ended up with a vote to see whom the party would endorse for Southern Regional Vice Chair, of the CRP (California Republican Party).
Warene Wall, the current Vice Chair South, is from San Diego. She was at our meeting tonight, and after winning the coin flip she took the podium and introduced herself. However, she was quite glum, and somewhat unhappy because she did not think that the OC party was going to endorse a candidate. That of course only proves that she does not know us very well.

Jon Fleischman, Wall’s opponent, got up next and said something to the effect of “you all know who I am.” He had previously passed out slick four-color brochures explaining why he was the man, and it was not even worth it to try to oppose him. The motion was made to endorse him, and only seven Central Committee members voted against the motion. After seeing Wall in “action,” even I voted to endorse Fleischman.

I approached Fleischman after the meeting and he had already returned to form. He made a snippy comment about his blog not being referenced on mine. I had no idea. I told him I would correct the oversight, but by then he had moved on to someone else. I’ll say this for Fleischman – no one excels at dismissing someone the way he does. Good luck Jon – I am sure you will win the position at the February CRP convention, but I will be watching to make sure you actually do something useful in the role.

The other big news tonight was that Van Tran confidante Trung Nguyen (pictured above, third from left) is apparently going to run for Lou Correa’s seat on the Board of Supervisors. Nguyen is a member of the Garden Grove School Board. He is a lawyer and an engineer and he currently works in the aerospace industry.

Tran has already been quoted as saying about Nguyen, “The latest close race in the 34th Senate District clearly shows that Trung is the only viable candidate for the seat at this time.” That is of course a crazy comment. The other Nguyen in the race, Garden Grove Councilwoman Janet Nguyen, already has years of experience in politics, having previously worked for both a supervisor and a legislator. And she has over $200K in her campaign account. Also, Trung backed Tan Nguyen this year (pictured above, second from the right). That won’t help him with Latino voters.

However, Trung is very clearly an attempt by Tran to scuttle Janet’s campaign. Apparently there are many Vietnamese activists who are upset with Janet because she did not support a controversial Buddhist temple in Garden Grove, but that temple got into trouble for renting space to a chiropractor who was later busted for operating a massage parlor with women of questionable merit. I can’t blame Janet for voting against that.

My sources tell me that Tran ally Andy Quach was paid a princely sum of money by the temple in question to get it approved and that Trung’s campaign is all about payback against Janet for scuttling their plans. Seems like a ridiculous reason for Trung to run for the Board of Supervisors, if you ask me.

I am also hearing that Tim Whitacre is running around asking or telling people to support Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante for the Correa seat. That is quite strange as Whitacre spent much of this year badmouthing Bustamante. They must have cut some kid of back room deal in the interim. I cannot see how Bustamante is viable. He has no fan base in Santa Ana to speak of.

The only question I have is when will a Latino candidate emerge from the OC Democrat ranks? There is no way that the Latino Democrat community is going to let Garden Grove Councilman Mark Rosen be their only champion. Nor will they get behind Bustamante. Someone else will emerge in time.

As for Trung, he seems committed to his campaign, but he might face some odd questions going forward. Some Republicans are already saying that he will be the next Otto Bade, by splitting the vote and handing the Correa seat to a Democrat. Hardly the kind of legacy I think Trung is aiming for…

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