Fiscal conservative Republicans? Think again!

Talk about stepping out on a limb, and I am with this post.

The audacity of Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Honorable Republican Senate leader Dick Ackerman, my elected representative, calling for approval of the extension of Measure M while they continue to rob Californians of billions of dollars of our fuel sales and excise taxes to fund their non-transportation related operations. That’s a smack in the face to every resident of Orange County.Hello folks. We are a donor County. Instead of our Senate leader fighting to get our share of the money we drivers send to Sacramento they want us, as a “self help” County, to bail out their neglect of our system of roads.
I find it interesting that the governor is aware of our transportation needs. He must be–he is quoted in the mailer we just received. And earlier today he had a recorded message pleading with us to support Measure M. No honorable Governor and Senator Ackerman. We want you to finance said improvements with the money we already give you instead of supporting your promoting “additional” taxation. To my way of thinking that is not being a fiscal conservative.

Larry Gilbert, with saw in hand while out on the limb.

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