Coyotl’s hate for America revealed in rejection of the Pledge of Allegiance

I spoke to Ryan Williams yesterday about an alarming development at Orange Coast College. According to Ryan, the action was spearheaded by immigrant rights activist and Native American “Coyotl” Tezcatlipoca (pictured below while getting arrested at a Costa Mesa City Council meeting). That figures.

Williams said that Coyotl seems to feel that this country has done nothing for his people – so why pledge allegiance to it? My sentiment is that Coyotl attends a public community college – paid for by American taxpayers. There are millions of indigenous people in Latin America who would love to be in Coyotl’s shoes – but he does not appreciate what he has. That is a shame. He is more interested in being a victim than in being an American.

For Coyotl to start this ruckus on Veterans Day is even more disgusting. How many American soldiers have died fighting for this country and for our flag, so that Coyotl could attend a public community college? He ought to be ashamed of himself.

Our flag represents more than the symbol of this country. It represents freedom and the fight for democracy. It reminds us of the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers – most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence lost everything, including their lives, when the British used the famed document to identify the people they needed to go after to stop the American Revolution.

It is a fact that Native Americans fared poorly in this country’s early years. That time has passed however and there is nothing we can do about it. Today many Native Americans are fabulously wealthy because of the gaming industry. They are turning the corner. In this state they are a political force to be reckoned with. I bet they thank God every day that they are Americans and that this country affords so much opportunity to so many.

This story is far from over. Williams tells me that the college Republicans at Orange Coast College are going to fight for our pledge. May God bless their effort. Coyotl has made a terrible mistake – and in so doing he has shown us that he and his followers hate this country – but are happy to use taxpayer resources. Sorry Coyotl – you erred and this action will doom you and your nascent movement. Good riddance. Here is an article about the issue:

Student leaders drop Pledge of Allegiance at Calif. college
By The Associated Press


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