Benavides proves to be a puppet at Santa Ana swearing-in ceremony

I couldn’t make it to the swearing-in ceremony for the new Santa Ana council members, which took place at the Bower’s Museum, as I was at school tonight, but I received a full report from several of my “pajaritos.”

As expected, Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido got his money’s worth as his newest puppet, David Benavides , started the evening by making a motion to appoint Supervisorial candidate Carlos Bustamante as the new Mayor Pro Tem. If Bustamante becomes the next Supervisor for the 1st District, his term as Mayor Pro Tem will be the shortest one ever in Santa Ana.

I also heard that Benavides is making a stink about becoming Santa Ana’s next water board representative. Apparently the job pays $2,000 a month for attending two meetings. What a joke. I warned you all about Benavides months ago! He is a pathetic money-grubber and he got elected so as to line his pockets. Jesus threw the money-changers out of a Temple – what would he make of part-time minister Benavides’ greed? How soon before we find foil-wrapped cash in his freezer?

Benavides also told the audience tonight that he will “reopen the libraries.” I am told that Pulido looked constipated when he heard that. I certainly don’t believe that Benavides gives a fig about our libraries – but I hope he is serious. Santa Ana sorely needs more libraries. I just hope they don’t end up naming any new libraries after former councilman Jose Solorio. If they do, I am going to insist that they stock a selection of pot-holders emblazoned with “Learn English” on them!

Sal Tinajero had a great line tonight that also upset Pulido. He asked new State Senator Lou Correa “who got more hate mail Lou -me or you?” Pulido looked like he was going to puke when he heard that exchange!

New council member Michele Martinez was quite gracious when her turn came up – she thanked a high school principal who was there – apparently this person was a key factor in Michele’s life. Well, Martinez is a huge success now, so kudos to all those who helped her. I am told that the Strouds were squirming when Martinez spoke about those who thought she didn’t belong on the council. You go Michele!

Council member Claudia Alvarez, who should have been made Mayor Pro Tem over two-year hack Bustamante, confirmed tonight that she will be running for the 1st Supervisorial District as well. Excellent! There is no way Bustamante will win with Alvarez on the ballot.

Garden Grove Council Member Janet Nguyen, the leading Republican candidate for the 1st Supervisorial District, was also there tonight.

I also heard that possible Ward 1 council candidate Vince Sarmiento was there. So was Deborah Vasquez, who is also a rumored candidate for Ward 1. There is no way I would support either of them. Vasquez showed us what she is all about when she refused to allow mayoral candidate Thomas Gordon to participate in the candidate’s forum she put on at the Southwest Community Center a few weeks ago. Believe me when I tell you that we are going to find someone else to run for that ward.

One last thing, failed council candidate Jennifer Villasenor wasn’t there tonight. She has been missing since November 7. I am starting to get a little worried. Her campaign booster Tim Whitacre was also absent tonight. Maybe he is out looking for her? Sounds like we need to put together a formal search party…

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