Auto industry executives provide more reasons to vote NO on Prop 87

Between church services this morning I asked executives from Daimler/Chrysler and Lexus to comment on Proposition 87 where we watch TV ads with former president Bill Clinton promoting passage of said ballot measure.

Bill Clinton’s credentials are in the political arena but he is not an expert in the automotive world. As such I trust their inputs more than any TV ad on E-85 ethanol fuel.

Let me add a few additional comments to my prior post. Bear in mind that each of these executives are friends of mine who just happen to work for competing billion dollar firms.

According to General Motors, they state a 27 percent reduction in fuel economy with E-85 fuel. Ford has similar claims regarding their E-85 fleet. Furthermore ethanol is an alcohol product that is very corrosive. In time it will eat the lining of any part it comes into contact with such as your fuel pump.The Lexus executive said their vehicles operate on 91 octane gas. Ethanol is 105 octane and is more challenging to burn.

The Daimler/Chrysler executive commented on how our government favors bids toward hybrid vehicles costing $7,000 more than comparable vehicles. He added that it takes 150,000 miles to reach the cost cross over for this technology. My question would be. Although cost is not the only factor in the purchase decision, how many miles per year do you think these vehicles are driven?

They added one minor point. Their fleets of vehicles are not available for sale in CA due to meeting some unspecified standards.

That’s their input. How say you?

Vote NO on Prop 87.

I trust their information over any non-automotive TV ad spokesperson.
Larry Gilbert

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