Umberg at Daucher event this weekend

Assemblyman Tom Umberg appeared at a Breast Cancer Awareness event put on by Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher’s office this weekend. I am told that he played a prominent role at that event. I wonder what we are to make of that? Is it time to add Umberg to the “Democrats for Daucher” list?

Daucher is a survivor of breast cancer – which provides her with a unique and personal outlook on health care. Correa likes to talk about health care, and I believe his wife is a doctor, but his background is in real estate, not medicine, and to my knowledge he has not gone through an episode as harrowing as Daucher’s.

Even worse, Correa seems to be preoccupied with spending tax money to give free health care to illegal immigrants. What about our own citizenry Lou? Should we send them to Mexico and ask their government to pay for Americans’ health care? If we spend millions of dollars subsidizing the healthcare of the undocumented, will there be enough money left to take care of our seniors? Is Correa at all cognizant of the unintended consequences of his irresponsible “Hillary care” proposals?

The breast cancer event included several notable sponsors, including:

I also heard that Umberg was seated next to Lou Correa at the Truman Dinner this weekend. Awkward! Apparently they don’t get along. My sources tell me that State Senator Joe Dunn is also none to fond of Correa.

The John & Ken clip that I included in an earlier post this week serves to remind us that Correa has a dark side that Daucher does not share. Is that the type of person we want to send to Sacramento to represent the 34th Senate District?

Say what you will about Daucher – but she is the epitome of class and grace, and she embodies professionalism. I can’t see her getting into a shouting match with anyone. That is not to say that she is not tough – anyone who survives cancer is made of stern stuff – but she does not have to raise her voice or be rude to get her point across. No wonder so many Democrats are starting to gravitate in her direction. Correa’s shenanigans have gone on long enough! Time for some anger management…

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