New posting rules at the Orange Juice

We are going to try something new – thanks to Gila for the idea, courtesy of CommieGirlCollective. Readers who want to comment on our posts will have to register with in order to do so henceforth. I am also going to institute word verification, as is the case over at Red County/OC Blog. The anon posts lately have gotten out of hand, and I am hopeful that the changes will clean things up a bit.

You can still post with a pseudonym, but you will have to register first. You can set up an anon email address and use that to register. Hopefully this will restore some accountability here – and it will free me and my team up from having to approve posts.

We instituted post moderation a few weeks ago because someone kept posting the F-word anonymously. Moderating the posts shut that guy down – but we are still having to delete a lot of unsavory posts. I would rather free up my team to focus on writing posts, instead of moderating them.

Let me know what you think – we value the opinion of our readers. Also, you have my word that I don’t post anonymously here – unlike some of my team members. The new posting rules will make us clean up our act too.

Also, I have asked each of our team members to post at least once a week. Anyone that does not do so, without a reasonable excuse, will be asked to resign from the team. We want bloggers on our team who will actually work hard to come up with interesting posts for our readers to enjoy. If any of our readers are interested in joining the team, please email me or Gila.

Thanks as always for reading our blog! And thank you to my team for all their hard work!

UPDATE: After some discussion we will be trying this new rule out until Sunday and re-evaluate then. This is only a trial period to see if this policy works. We encourage you all until then to register and comment away. On Monday morning we will announce the permenant commenting policy.

UPDATE II: If you don’t have a blogger account and want to comment, simply click here and create an account. Blogger requires you to give your email address but your email remains private and won’t be visible to anyone when you comment.

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