Mission Viejo City Council Majority Support Prop 90

Oct 2, 2006 Note: As posted on Frank Ury’s MV Blog

Mission Viejo city council majority Support Prop 90

Taking a lead role the Mission Viejo City Council represents the first city council majority in Orange County to support Prop 90, the “Protect Our Homes Initiative.”

Councilmembers John Paul Ledesma, Councilmember Frank Ury and Councilmember Trish Kelley have each gone on record indicating their support for this CA Constitutional Amendment.
Last week State Board of Equalization Member Bill Leonard issued the following letter which I will edit for length.
“As one of only two Republican Members of the State Board of Equalization, and a strong pro-taxpayer vote for all of my 24 years in the State Legislature, I am outraged by the scare tactics, outright lies, and complete disregard of the facts perpetrated by the No On 90 campaign.
And I won’t let them get away with it!!!

Proposition 90 overturns the U.S. Supreme Court’s outrageous Kelo decision–something the Legislature refused to do for this entire legislative session. And a decision which the CA League of Cities, the County Supervisors Association of California, and the CA Redevelopment Association ALL SUPPORTED in amicus briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court, either through their national trade associaitons or in their very own brief.

Proposition 90 not only protects our homes, businesses, churches and agriculture land from being seized by government and given to another private interest, but also from being harmed by “regulatory takings.”

Propoosition 90 is not a “taxpayers trap”–if it were, proven taxfighters like myself, Tom McClintock, Mimi Walters and People’s Advocate would not be in strong support of Proposition 90. We are.

And Proposition 90 does not pose any threat to pubic safety, firefighters, or to ANY local government’s ability to act in the public interest..as it only applies prospectively to every state and local statute, ordinance, and regulation. Just read Section 6 of the initiative for yourself.
We cannot allow them to succeed!!! And our best weapon is the truth.
Don’t let these same special interests tell the same lies for a third time. Protect Our Homes–Vote Yes on Proposition 90.”

Note: The above reference to a “third time” refers to lies about the impact of Prop 13 in 1978 and the Right to Vote on Taxes Act of 1996.

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