FLASH! Don’t believe Prop 87 YES ad’s

We have been seeing former President Bill Clinton on the tube promoting a 33 percent saving by switching to E85 ethanol fuel. I just received a call from an automotive industry executive that you need to be aware of before you accept the Yes on Prop 87 spin.
Yes, we now have flexible fuel vehicles, FFV’s, on the road. However if you were to check you will only find one refueling station offering E 85 ethanol within 100 miles of San Clemente. In addition the price per gallon was quoted at $3.29 while regular fuel is selling, at the same location, for $2.29. It’s called competition. Would the average driver pay one dollar more per gallon and drive up to 100 miles to fill up on this alleged cheaper fuel.

However, there is a more serious issue. If you were to fill up our present fleet of vehicles, that are not designed to accept the E85 fuel, you will damage your engine. The 85 percent ethanol lacks necessary lubrication oil as found in traditional petroleum based fuels.A call to a station in Kansas indicates the cost saving over regular fuel to be only six cents per gallon, surely not 33 percent as advertised in the Yes on Prop 87 ads. Be careful before buying into high profile spinners statements.


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