Did Correa throw Angelides under the truck?

I have been saying for weeks now that Latino Democrat leaders are sabotaging their gubernatorial candidate, Phil Angelides, and the latest evidence is a mailer sent out this week by the Lou Correa campaign for the 34th Senate District.

A friend called me yesterday and he noted that the flier touted Correa as a candidate who would not raise taxes – something that seems intellectually dishonest when you consider that he continues to plead for state-provided free health insurance for undocumented immigrants. Perhaps Lou has found a pot of gold that he intends to use for this welfare benefit? The flier also noted that Correa would fight against higher taxes – unlike Phil Angelides. I don’t have the exact wording, as I am still trying to get a copy of the mailer, but it was something to that effect.

That’s right – Correa is actually dumping on his fellow Democrat candidate, Angelides. Surely his camp has polled the district and found what I predicted some time ago – Angelides has become a drag on the entire Democrat ticket. My sources tell me that even Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez is starting to worry – given how much money her opponent, Tan Nguyen, continues to pour into his campaign.

Correa’s GOP opponent, Lynn Daucher, continues to pour it on, in the meantime. She has hundreds of volunteers, plenty of money, and her staff has ample ammunition to use aginst Correa in the final weeks of the campaign. And she can expect to get a pick-up from voters backing Schwarzenegger. Unlike Correa, who is watching his campaign go down the drain as Angelides wreaks havoc on his fellow Democrats. No se puede Lou!

Update: I now have jpg files of the mailer in question. I have reproduced a portion of it above. If you want to see the rest, email me at apedroza@earthlink.net.

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