Daucher didn’t send the letter – but what about Correa’s campaign?

It amazes me how quickly my colleage Claudio Gallegos jumped to blame Lynn Daucher for the letter that was mailed to a number of voters in an attempt to suppress the immigrant vote. Trust me Claudio – she had nothing to do with this. What would she gain from such a ridiculous endeavor? The only one who stands to gain from this is Lou Correa. If anything, it is likely that Correa’s hacks put out the letter themselves in an attempt to discredit Daucher. They are desperate to take away her momentum since Correa is slipping down the drain along with his miserable gubernatorial candidate, Phil Angelides.

Nice try Correa – but you won’t get away with this. Daucher submitted the matter to the California Attorney General and the Secretary of State, and she disavowed the letter on her website. Correa didn’t address this on his website. In fact the link entitled “voting information” on his site does not work.

Everyone that piled on Daucher owes her an apology. She has always been squeeky clean – but not Correa. I recall a few years ago that one of his staffers was fired for posting on the Santa Ana Citizens Yahoo Group under an assumed name, while using state computers in Sacramento. Another key staffer of his was fired for having an affair with a married staffer. And Correa’s thugs have been tearing down their opponent’s signs for years. Par for the course when it comes to Correa and many of his supporters and campaign staffers.

I hope that the culprits who sent out the letter are found and brought to justice…but watch what you ask for. The trail might well lead to Correa’s backers.

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