Another "hit piece" arrives in Mission Viejo

My focus on the prior post on the first “hit piece “ to arrive in Mission Viejo mailboxes dealt with attitude. The cover of today’s’ mailer reads “councilmen Ledesma, MacLean and Kelley have betrayed our Republican values.” The inside text has two themes. “Let Us Down On Taxes” and “Let Us Down On Spending”Let me post the three charges as stated in the second allegation.

Delayed construction of our Senior Center costing Mission Viejo taxpayers over $5 million dollars in excessive building costs!

Voted to award a costly city ambulance contract to the Medix Corporation–even though they were NOT the lowest bidder. They add a footnote which reads. MacLean received a $1,500 campaign donation from Medix after his vote.

Voted to give a $2 million dollar taxpayer subsidy to the Audi Car Dealership.
After this entry is another footnote which reads: After his vote, MacLean accepted thousands of campaign contributions from car dealers.

Although I am very familiar with all three of these allegations, my fingerprints are not on this mailer or any other. As such it would be inappropriate for me to comment on the charges. Let the accused council members weigh in with their reaction and responses to the charges. I also encourage the author of the mailer to add any additional facts they feel appropriate in case they are questioned by our readers.

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