Schwarzenegger getting beat up by fellow Republicans

Slow news day today, so I decided to have a look at some of the other blogs here in the OC – my last stop was Red County/OC Blog, where Jon Fleischman/Pistolero was busy praising the work of his co-blogger Jubal/Matt Cunningham.

Apparently the latter wrote a column at Jon’s blog, Flash Report, wherein he announced that he was not sure he would be voting for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (pictured at right after his motorcycle accident) this fall. Huh? I know that Schwarzenegger has not exactly been all that conservative of late, but does it make any kind of sense to rip the one guy on our statewide ticket who is actually headed for a victory? Has anyone taken a look at the rest of our poorly-named “Victory 2006” team?

You would think that Tom McClintock who is campaigning for Lt. Governor, against Cruz Bustamante, would be headed for a victory in November, but as you will read below, he is not. Nor is Tony Strickland, who is running for State Controller – or even Bruce McPherson, the incumbent Secretary of State. Claude Parrish, who is the GOP candidate for State Treasurer; Chuck Poochigian, candidate for Attorney General; and Dick Mountjoy, who is running for the US Senate, round out our losing Republican ticket. The only guy that Schwarzenegger is pimping for is Clinton Republican Steve Poizner, and he is losing too.

An August survey revealed that Schwarzenegger is up by 52% to 38%, over Phil Angelides. An earlier survey conducted on August 1, showed Schwarzenegger at 47% to Angelides at 41% – so even as some Republicans are grousing, Schwarzenegger is widening his lead. I also came across an interesting article that indicated that Schwarzenegger is going after the Latino vote. That may not be necessary, as it appears that leading Latino Democrats, such as Democrat Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, appear to be ready to vote for Schwarzenegger in order to give Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa a chance to run for Governor in 2010. Angelides is toast. And now we know why Nunez and his amigitos did not back Steve Westly, who was a far superior candidate to the tax-raising Angelides.

What about the other races? The latest Field Poll, conducted on August 1, covered a few of them, as follows (if you are a Republican you might want to have a stiff drink before perusing these numbers):

  • John Garamendi is leading McClintock by 48% vs. 38%
  • Jerry Brown is trouncing Poochigian by 54% to 33%
  • Bill Lockyer is way ahead of Parrish by 52% to 27%.
  • John Chiang is also in front of Strickland, by 38% to 27%
  • The closest race has Debra Bowen beating McPherson by 38% to 35%
  • and, last but not least, Bustamante is ahead of Poizner by 43% to 39%

I am assuming that Cunningham/Jubal, who is a political consultant and political blogger, is aware of these numbers. So how in the world can he be wondering if he is going to vote for Schwarzenegger? At this point, everyone else is in the tank – shouldn’t the GOP try to win at least one statewide race in November?

Personally I think that the GOP should embrace Schwarzenegger wholeheartedly, but focus our efforts behind Prop. 85, the Parents’ Right to Know and Child Protection initiative. Democrats are very weak on this issue. Most parents want to know if their underage daughters are pregnant and are considering getting an abortion. Only the most flaming liberals are happy with the notion that their young daughters might be off getting illicit abortions without their permission. This is the issue that GOP candidates ought to be able to run with, even in Democrat-controlled areas.

I can understand why Cunningham/Jubal is upset at the Governor. But why waste time wondering whether or not to vote for him? Instead, get behind the other statewide candidates, and Prop. 85, and let’s take it to the Democrats. They should glean no easy victories in November.

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