Plenty of issues for Pulido to deal with

A friend of mine asked me the other day why I wanted to get rid of Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, who is a Democrat. My friend, who is a very liberal Democrat, explained that Pulido has been very friendly to the Republican Party. He was incredulous that I would want to see him defeated.

I could not believe my friend was being serious! Pulido has been in office for 12 years – and we have so little to show for it. Supposedly he wants another ten years in office. Good grief! No mas!

I decided to draw up a list of items where Pulido falls far short (no pun intended). This was not easy – I am sure I left out a lot of items. Please feel free to post your comments to that effect. In a perfect world, here are the items I would hold Pulido to, if I had his ear:

  1. Mayoral term limits – a measure must be put to the voters within one year. Also, Pulido must agree to serve only one more term, including the one he is running for, should he win.
  2. Ward specific council elections – a measure must be put to the voters within one year.
  3. Libraries – we need to open a new library in south-central Santa Ana. We also need to bring back the bookmobiles.
  4. Parks – we need to do a better job maintaining them and we need more parks in general. Every office tower that goes up should be matched by a new park!
  5. Pulido must agree that in emergencies he will make himself available to the press and to his constituents. The fact that he did not show up when the riots occurred a few months ago was unconscionable.
  6. City budget – we need to put all the information online – as Costa Mesa does.
  7. Council meetings – all of them must be televised and made available online. All minutes going back at least five years must be available and searchable online too.
  8. We need a shopping cart ordinance. Feel free to use my proposal – free of charge!
  9. We need to do a better job with grafitti. It must be covered up within two days of reporting.
  10. Potholes must be filled up within five days of reporting.
  11. We need a city ethics commission – when Planning Commissioners are getting cut-rate condos in Hawaii, from developers who have business before them, we have a problem!
  12. No one on the Planning Commission should be allowed to run for the council. They must be away from that commission at least a year before filing to run. That will prevent these commissioners from using their positions for political means. Also, planning commission minutes should be available online for up to 5 years – and the meetings should be televised and made available online.
  13. All city management employee contract terms should be made available online.
  14. No more eminent domain deals that are worth more than 100,000 without voter approval!!
  15. And, last but not least, no more unexplained visits to Latin American dictators! (See picture, above left).

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