OC GOP local candidate endorsements update

Tomorrow’s OC GOP Central Committee meeting will be another long one. There are a number of local GOP candidates up for endorsement – and several others are going to try one last time to get endorsed. Here are some of the stories I have been following:

Brea – Ron Garcia is a lifelong Republican who served in Vietnam. He is very popular in Brea, where he serves on the Planning Commission, and he has a lot of endorsements. He has been a big booster of the party and other candidates. Garcia was rejected by the OC GOP Endorsement Committee, primarily because of one vote on a property where a landowner, in the Brea Hills, wanted to build a vast amount of homes on his lot. The city felt that building that many homes would have a very negative impact on local traffic, which is already awful in the hills. Garcia voted to restrict the number of homes on the lot – but so did Steve Vargas, who like Garcia is running for the Brea City Council.

I really feel that Garcia is owed a second look, and hopefully he will get that chance on Monday night. There are three seats open in Brea, so the party could endorse both Vargas and Garcia.

Orange – Mike Alvarez is running for Mayor against Carolyn Cavecche. She could have served another term on the Orange City Council, but she opted to run against Alvarez, even though he helped her get elected to the Council. His big mistake was not backing the conservatives on the Orange School Board when they were recalled. Now he is going to try to appeal to the Central Committee on Monday to reconsider the OC GOP Endorsement Committee’s decision to back Cavecche.

Cavecche is backed by seemingly the entire OC GOP delegation, including: Dick Ackerman, Todd Spitzer, Lynn Daucher, Van Tran, Mimi Walters, Chris Norby, etc. Alvarez has a few prominent endorsements too, including OC DA Tony Rackauckas; Rick Ledesma, from the Orange school board; and John Acosta, a former Mayor of Santa Ana. However, Alvarez’ endorsements don’t have the star power of Cavecche’s.

Anaheim – Alexandria Coronado has circulated an email indicating that Denise Mansfield Reinking, a candidate endorsed by the OC GOP for the Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustees, attended the Orange County Labor Coalition Breakfast yesterday morning.

The OC Labor Coalition represents every labor union in the county, and had about 300 people in attendance at the breakfast. Ms. Reinking attended the breakfast because she has been endorsed by the OC Central Labor Council and AFSCME .

Reinking also passed out a flier during that time that suggests she is pro-union; this after the fact that she told the OC GOP endorsement committee that she was NOT pro-union. Here is an excerpt from her flier: “My father was a proud union drywaller and plasterer for over 50 years and a business agent for the union. As a currently-licensed nurse, I am glad to see that nurses are now joining the SEIU to ensure their rights as employees and also to provide pensions when they retire–something I wish I had 30 years ago.”

San Clemente – Norm Dickinson, a Central Committee member in the San Clemente area, is opposing the endorsment of Sally Jeisy for the San Clemente City Council. He has a huge litany of complaints about her, as follows (in his own words):

  • She has re-registered a number of times in the past, switching from Democrat to Republican. The latest switch was from Democrat to Republican just before running in the San Clemente City Council Special Elections in 2005.
  • She is not a member nor has she ever been a member of the San Clemente Republican Women Federated.
  • As City Chairman for San Clemente, involved with Precinct operation for the past 9 years, I can attest to the fact that she has not assisted the Orange County Republican Party in a campaign effort. She has never worked as a Republican Party precinct volunteer.
  • She previously has not involved herself in any City Commissions such as, Planning Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission etc. Although this year she was a candidate for the Planning Commission. However, she was not accepted by the City Council.
  • Her only major community involvement was as a former President of the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce. However, the Chamber has recently declined to endorse Ms. Jeisy for City Council. (September 8th, the Chamber endorsed Joe Anderson, Wayne Eggleston and Lori Donchak for City Council)
  • She refused to respond to the Southern Orange County Republican Assembly (SOCRA/CRA) endorsement questionnaire and declined to attend the SOCRA endorsement meeting. She previously ignored the SOCRA in her 2005 candidacy for City Council. I believe she did so in order to conceal the very un-republican nature of her opinions.

Sounds like Jeisy has no shot at the OC GOP endorsement.

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