Lou Correa’s nuclear meltdown

My co-blogger Claudio Gallegos has been quite busy touting his choice for the 34th Senate District, OC Supervisor Lou Correa. That’s fine – I have been equally busy promoting the GOP candidate, Lynn Daucher. However, Gallegos has been trying to make Correa look more conservative than he really is.

The truth is, Correa is a liberal, while Daucher is a moderate. The worst part is that Correa is talking about how he represents family values, and he is fiscally conservative. Not so! Our friends at KFI exposed Correa’s hypocrisy when they taped him after radio personalities John and Ken visited his assembly office in Santa Ana. Here is what their website has to say about the visit:

“After holding a full day of public hearings into the peccadilloes of the evil Trevor Law group, you

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