GOP machine lining up behind Bustamante

What a week for Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante. Tuesday night, at the Council meeting, Bustamante made sure to take a few minutes to brag about his recent appointment, by Governor Arnold Scwharzenegger, to some kind of non-paying position on the California Council on Criminal Justice.

Bustamante also found time this week to vote for a few salary increases – according to the OC Register, Bustamante voted to pay Catherine Standiford, the former City Manager of La Palma, $168,612 a year to serve as assistant city manager to Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream. But wait – there’s more. Bustamante also voted to raise the salary for Standiford’s position by 5 percent the same night she was confirmed. And he also voted to raise the salary bracket for Stephen Harding, deputy city manager for development services, by 5 percent now and by another 5 percent in January. That puts Harding at a $168,612 annual salary for now that will reach $177,168 a year in January.

Now we know why Santa Ana can’t afford to fill our potholes, get rid of the abandoned shopping carts, cover up the grafitti, and clear Harbor of its brazen prostitutes. This must be why we had to cancel the bookmobiles – so we could pay Ream’s assistants an astounding amount of money. Imagine that – we are paying these two and Ream over$700,000 a year – in return for their stellar management of what amounts to a second-rate city. Unbelievable. How does Bustamante sleep at night? There are doctors and lawyers that don’t make as much as Reams’s hired help!

Now we know why Bustamante will be using John Lewis, the former State Senator, to run his Supervisorial campaign. The man likes to overspend! Go ahead Carlos – spend it all and hopefully you won’t have any dinero left to defend your council seat in two years…

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