Correa focuses on education in latest release

I just received Lou Correa’s latest Supervisor email news release. He seems to have taken quite an interest in education – I wonder if that has anything to do with Lynn Daucher’s background in education and popularity with teachers? Here is his release:

Make a Choice to Make a Difference

Since 1998, more than 700 County and Superior Court employees have participated in the Pio Pico Elementary School Mentoring Program, serving as academic mentors for an estimated 1,000 students who were working below grade level. The impact of our employee involvement has been phenomenal! On average, the students have improved their reading abilities by 1.5 levels and many have advanced by 2 to 3 grade levels. You can be part of this successful partnership! Mentors are asked to volunteer one hour per week (45-minute mentor session with 15-minutes travel time) for a minimum of 4 months. Most employees fit the mentoring session into their lunch hour. Mentoring sessions are available Monday through Friday during the following timeframes:


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