Shopping carts’ fate to be decided tonight!

Tonight at 5:30 PM the Santa Ana NICE (Neighborhood Improvement/Code Enforcement) Committee will meet again, at the Santa Ana Council Chambers, to discuss the matter about how best to regulate those wayward shopping carts. The carts are another layer of the cumulative blight that affects Santa Ana.

Store owners are expected to attend the meeting to press the Committee to lessen or remove some or all of the proposed measures to regulate cart use beyond the boundary of their stores property.

Santa Ana community leaders are asking that residents attend tonight’s meeting. They want the city to apply an ordinance to manage shopping cart use. Store owners will likely resist such controls.

Personally I think the solution would be for the city to impound any carts found in neighborhoods and sell them to recyclers. I also think that people who are found using carts outside of stores and parking lots should be cited with a fairly large ticket and their groceries should be impounded and donated to a homeless shelter. That should stop the problem.

Area grocery stores should give away bus tokens or offer shuttle services to their clients, if getting home with groceries is an issue for those who don’t drive.

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