Is Correa cutting deals with Republicans?

A little pajarito told me that OC Supervisor Lou Correa is apparently promising his endorsement to people interested in running for his current elected office. The problem? He is wheeling and dealing with Republicans, not Democrats from his own party.

Correa told Assemblyman Van Tran that he would abstain from endorsing anyone in the Supervisor’s election if he would stop helping Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher in her campaign efforts. Van Tran, being the loyal Republican that he is, declined the questionable offer. Tran has been a key player in Daucher’s campaign, since the primary, which at the time was a sore point for me as I was running the Lupe Moreno campaign for the 34th Senate District. However, Moreno lost and has since left the GOP, while Tran continues to work hard for Daucher and the OC GOP. In fact, with the signing of the Executive Order dealing with the Vietnamese Heritage Flag a couple of weeks ago, Tran has likely secured the Vietnamese vote for Daucher.

Correa’s actions beg several questions. First, how do the already hesitant unions feel about their candidate cutting deals with Republicans? If Van Tran didn’t take the offer, who did? Let’s take another look at the possible Republican candidates for Correa’s Supervisorial seat, should he move on to Sacramento in the fall:

  • Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante. He is a relatively new convert to the GOP, having registered as a Republican in 2004, the year that he ran for the Santa Ana City Council. He got into hot water earlier this month because he took a long time to endorse fellow Republicans Ryan G. Williams, for the 69th Assembly District; and Tan Nguyen, for the 47th Congressional District, however, as revealed here at the Orange Juice, Bustamante finally endorsed them last week. Bustamante’s brother is still a Democrat, and in fact he hosted a fundraiser for Santa Ana City Council candidate Tino Rivera last week, with Democrat Mayor Miguel Pulido presiding at the event. Bustamante is definitely a suspect – and if he displays half-hearted support for Daucher we will know who took the deal.
  • Garden Grove Council Member Janet Nguyen. She ran for Tran

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