Daucher comes out against eminent domain abuse!

Steve Greenhut, of the OC Register, has taken a lot of shots at Lynn Daucher, the GOP Assemblywoman running for the 34th Senate District, but yesterday he wrote a column about how she is supporting Prop. 90, which comes out against eminent domain abuse. Wow! This is big news and it will really help Daucher in her campaign against Democrat Lou Correa. Here is the Greenhut column in its entirety:

August 23, 2006

Kudos to Daucher, shame on Ackerman

From Steven Greenhut:

It’s no surprise that I haven’t been a big fan of Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher, the moderate Republican who is Sen. Dick Ackerman’s hand-picked choice to run for the 34th Senate District seat against moderate Democrat Lou Correa. In my view, Daucher has the wrong set of policies for that district, given that she has embraced a League of Cities type of agenda that doesn’t respect property rights and freedom. That said, Daucher deserves a major round of applause for signing on to Prop. 90, the state initiative that would ban eminent domain abuse. The Protect Our Homes initiative not only bans the transfer of property from one set of private owners (your neighborhood) to another set (Costco), it forces cities to pay compensation for some types of regulatory takings. At the Republican convention in Century City, the party endorsed the initiative, and almost every Republican legislator also has endorsed it.

Senate Minority Leader Dick Ackerman is one of only a handful of Republican legislators who have not endorsed Prop. 90. I caught up with Dick at the convention and asked him about it. He gave me a lame, League of Cities-esque excuse, claiming that the initiative would lead to frivolous lawsuits. Well, everything ends up in court, no doubt. But I see nothing frivolous about giving property owners a tool to stop government from abusing their rights. Typically, conservatives err on the side of giving individuals tools to protect themselves against government, and liberals are the ones most concerned about upholding the prerogatives of the state.

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