Mayoral candidate targets tagger & his crew

Thomas Gordon, a candidate for Mayor of Santa Ana, was out late last night with a few friends, including Ryan Gene Williams, the GOP candidate for the 69th Assembly District. They had a bite to eat at the Norm’s Restaurant on 17th and Main, and afterwards, when they were in the parking lot, they observed a tagger doing his thing on one of the exterior walls of Norm’s and an adjacent Mexican restaurant. So they called the police. Twenty minutes later, Santa Ana’s finest arrived and took the tagger and his buddies into custody, according to a post at the Santa Ana Citizens website.

I have been working in politics over ten years – but this is the first time I can remember that a candidate made good on a campaign promise before the election. Graffiti is something Gordon addressed in his candidate’s statement – and now he has already helped the situation by removing a tagger and his crew from our streets. Great job!

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