Nguyen getting help from the OC GOP – and he is not happy with Loretta Sanchez

I found out today that OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh will be hosting a fundraiser for Tan Nguyen (pictured at right with U.S. Rep. Dennis Hastert), the GOP candidate for the 47th Congressional District, at his home on August 24. The cost of this event is $250 per guest. For more information, please call Nguyen’s campaign manager, Ryan Flynn, at (714) 530-1612. You can also read about this event online at this link.

Our friends at the Liberal OC Blog also posted an item recently about Nguyen. Apparently he wrote a letter to Sanchez asking her to stop lying about his position on immigration. Here is what he had to say in his letter:

It has been reported to me that you have been misstating my stance on illegal immigration, and erroneously stating that I support House Bill H.R.4437. Part of that bill makes being an illegal alien a felony. I do not support that aspect of the bill, and I never have. Furthermore, I strongly oppose any part of the bill which criminalizes the humanitarian effort of religious organizations.

I do not support anything that would encourage illegal immigration, but it is a serious distortion of my program to state that I would condone placing illegal aliens in prison.

As there are many issues which we legitimately disagree on, I am sure it is not necessary to misstate each others positions.

I therefore would expect you to refrain from repeating this incorrect description of my stance.

I am not sure why Nguyen would expect Sanchez to be reasonable. However his letter perhaps indicates that he is backing away from his harsh rhetoric on immigration as we head for the general election. Smart move. He also needs to connect himself to the Scwharzenegger campaign as much as possible. I’m sure the Governor could use Nguyen’s help in reaching out to the Vietnamese American voters in the OC.

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