Maddox considering running for the OC Board of Supervisors

A friend of mine ran into former Assemblyman Ken Maddox last night at a birthday party, and Maddox affirmed something I posted several weeks ago. He is indeed thinking of running for the OC Board of Supervisors, if Lou Correa moves on to the State Senate in the upcoming general election.

Maddox famously backed the ill-fated OC PLA, after Curt Pringle told him to. He was later trashed by John Campbell in a race for the State Senate. I enjoyed helping Campbell win – I even participated in a cable commercial for Campbell, in which I played the role of a construction company employee (ironically I now work for a general contractor). I’m still waiting for my SAG card! When Campbell moved on to the US House of Representatives, the Senate seat ended up in Tom Harman’s hands.

Other Republicans who are considering running for Correa’s seat include Carlos “Bubba Gump” Bustamante, Orange Juice blogger Tim Whitacre (according to the Liberal OC blog) and Garden Grove Councilwoman Janet Nguyen – who used to work for Maddox. This time she might finish him off, as she has the best odds of winning this seat for the Republicans, in my humble opinion. That will especially hold true if Nguyen is the only woman in the race.

Whitacre would be an interesting candidate because he has a very high name ID and lots of support from area Democrats. You know the OC GOP machine would not be happy if he entered the race!

Democrats who are thought to be considering running include Tom Umberg, Joe Dunn and Nguyen’s peer on the Garden Grove City Council, Mark Rosen. I have also heard Tom Daly’s name mentioned. I don’t see Dunn risking another loss to an Asian candidate, which leaves us with Umberg, Rosen and Daly. Of those possible candidates, Rosen is already working on his campaign, and Umberg is still upset that he lost in the June primary to Lou Correa. Here’s a question – would Correa even back Umberg for the OC Board of Supervisors? Or would Daly really move into the district? I would think he rather wait for Norby’s seat on the OC BOS to open up.

I hope Maddox runs. I would love to help beat him again!


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