New blog to focus on SAUSD Injustices

A new blog has entered the blogosphere. It is called SAUSD Injustices, and as its name implies it is devoted to revealing the truth about the scandals and corruption that have taken place during the Al Mijares administration. Here is what their blog editor has to say about this new blog:

Now that our superintendent is leaving, I know that many teachers have started to verbalize their unhappiness with certain issues. I would like to hear about how other staff around the district feel about the district and their handling of affairs at this moment. What kind of issues does the district have to know about when it hires someone to “clean house?” This is an independent blogger I’ve created for the teachers and staff to vent to. My concern is all of these PI schools in the district that no one knows what will happen should they go into PI-6. Apparently the state doesn’t know what to do with them and neither does the district. My point, if you keep putting fish into the water and they keep dying, maybe you should check the water. What’s your story?

I would like to thank the many teachers, parents and others affected by SAUSD for their support of the Orange Juice. Clearly the issues they face are indeed large enough to support a separate blog. We will however continue to focus on the SAUSD as well. We have a new education writer coming on board next week, and I think you will all find what she has to say to be of relevance. Until then, good luck to SAUSD Injustices! The truth is out there – and it needs to be shared with the public.

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