Campbell surveys his constituents at no apparent cost to taxpayers

I found this item buried in a Daily Pilot article about State Senator Tom Harman’s new staffers. Apparently U.S. House Representative John Campbell (R-Newport Beach) managed to survey his constituents recently, and unlike OC Sheriff Mike Carona he apparently did this without having to beg for taxpayer money to pay for it.

The Daily Pilot article regarding the Campbell poll is rather brief, as follows:

Rep. Campbell maintained his firm stance on illegal immigration this week, and he apparently has the vast majority of 3,300 of his constituents behind him. In a Wednesday letter to House Speaker Dennis J. Hastert, Campbell described a survey that showed close to 95% of his constituents polled want to see a federal immigration bill focusing on enforcement and border security.

According to a news release from Campbell about the letter, the survey also showed that more than 90% of those polled “oppose a proposal to include amnesty as part of the final version” of the House immigration bill. More than 93% support Campbell’s amendment to penalize so-called “sanctuary cities” that refuse to check the legal status of immigrants who are arrested.

“The results of this survey confirm what I hear from constituents every day when I am working in my district,” Campbell said in the release.

Carona should ask Campbell how he managed to survey his constituents without resorting to thousands of dollars of public money.

As for the survey itself, it is clear that voters in California want a solution to the ongoing immigration crisis. President George Bush continues to ignore these findings, and his push for a new amnesty is bound to hurt the GOP in the upcoming elections. Campbell is wise to distance himself from the President on this issue.

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