OC GOP should not be endorsing non-partisan candidates

I have been thinking a lot about the ongoing disaster that is the current OC GOP endorsement process, with regard to non-partisan incumbents. I don’t think the current system can be fixed.

Currently the OC GOP Central Committee is asked to consider a list of all Republican non-partisan incumbents. We are given several weeks to determine which of the incumbents we would like to pull off the list, and we can ask to pull them without giving any reasons.

The revised list is then presented to the full Central Committee and they are asked if they want to pull anyone else. Barring that, they then are asked to vote in one motion to endorse all of the remaining incumbents.

The current system is rife with problems. For one thing, lobbyists and consultants can pull their clients’ enemies off the list with no explanation. Also, it is impossible for the members of the Central Committee to know enough about all the candidates. Inevitably, we will end up endorsing some bad seeds.

Matt Cunningham, over at the OC Blog, posting under his alter-ego of Jubal, recently confirmed this when he described various incumbents who should have been pulled from the list:

I looked at the list of people who didn’t get pulled — and there were some I’d have pulled if I’d been a Central Committee member. The fact that they weren’t doesn’t make them sterling Republicans.

I don’t know why no one else pulled them off. Maybe you should ask the other Central Committee members?

\Why didn’t anyone pull Carmen Vali-Cave’s name? After all, she endorsed the re-election of her council colleague Karl Warkomski — who’s a registered Green Party member.
Why didn’t anybody pull Brea Councilman John Beauman’s name, despite his anti-property rights record?

Why didn’t anyone pull Huntington beach Councilwoman Cathy Green’s name, even though she was one of only two OCTA Board members to vote against discontinuing OCTA’s $1.5 million pro-Measure M “informational” campaign?

Exactly Matt! Obviously the current system is allowing truly bad Republicans to obtain the OC GOP endorsement. Let’s think about that. Endorsements mean a lot. They should not be handed out like Halloween candy. The current process is a joke!

The answer to all this is obvious – we should not be endorsing non-partisan candidates. Period. Let the grassroots organizations like the CRA and CCR do it. They generally ask candidates to fill out lengthy questionnaires. Then they read their answers, and sometimes interview the candidates. When they decide to endorse, it means something. The endorsements are earned.

Moreover, I don’t think it is a good idea for county parties to weigh in on non-partisan races. Are they or are they not non-partisan races? You can’t have it both ways!

Yes, it is legal for county parties to endorse non-partisan candidates. I would argue however that it is generally a bad idea. We need to stop this and let the constituents of the incumbents determine for themselves the viability of these politicians.

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