Stand up to the OC GOP machine on Monday, July 31

As our readers know, the OC GOP machine pulled a fast one on Monday night at their Central Committee meeting. Lobbyist/consultant Adam Probolsky pulled two San Clemente council members from the list of local non-partisan officer holders seeking the endorsement of the party, even though Probolsky is just an alternate.

Probolsky told Tim Whitacre that he did this because he works for a building association that is upset with the council members, Joe Anderson and Mayor Wayne Eggleston, because they oppose home owners who want to obscure their neighbor’s views by building second and third stories onto their homes. I believe that it is also possible that Probolsky, who worked for the recent OC Sheriff Mike Carona campaign, was also seeking to get revenge against these council members because they supported Carona’s top opponent, Lt. Bill Hunt.

Tim Whitacre wrote that none of the OC GOP Central Committee members from San Clemente voted to pull Anderson and Eggleston. Moreover, the OC GOP ex-oficio who appointed Probolsky, Mark Weyland, did not ask the committee to pull these two councilmembers. Probolsky took that upon himself.

I urge OC GOP Central Committee members and alternates to attend the OC GOP Endorsement Committee meeting next Monday night, July 31, at 5:30 pm, at the party office in Orange, located at 1800 W. Katella Ave, Suite 210. Those pulled off the list must appear at the meeting to argue their case. Here is the information I received from Erik Weigand, the OC GOP Executive Director, earlier today:

We encourage those that were removed off the consent list to attend this meeting to openly discuss your accomplishments and qualifications to the committee. There will be no consideration whatsoever for an absent candidate.

Each candidate is invited to bring any materials necessary to this meeting. If a candidate wishes to email their materials, they may do so and it will be distributed prior to the meeting.

Here are the complete lists of those who were pulled from the endorsement list:


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