Ryan Gene Williams in recovery at UCI Medical Center

I visited Ryan Gene Williams this evening at the UCI Medical Center in Orange. The GOP nominee for the 69th Assembly District went to the hospital at 4:30 this morning after utilizing wikipedia.com to diagnose the pain he was having in his stomach. He guessed it was his appendix – and he was right.

The appendix unfortunately burst, and was removed at noon today. Williams is in a lot of pain, and he has not eaten since yesterday. He is running a slight fever, but the medical staff told me that he should recover in a few days. His family should be here tomorrow – they are flying in from Houston.

Williams is very grateful for all the support in the blogosphere. The Liberal OC Blog and OC Blog both mentioned his illness. He was also visited at the hospital by Paul Lucas, the Democrat nominee for the 68th Assembly District, and Phil Bacerra, of the Democrat Foundation.

If you would like to call Williams tomorrow, please do so between 9 am and 9 pm, at 714-456-7890.

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