Great Park PLA?

I received a note today from a friend at the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction (CFEC) regarding the possibilty of a project labor agreement (PLA) materializing at the OC Great Park. A PLA would ban all non-union contractors from bidding on public works projects at the OC Great Park.

Reportedly there was a purported meeting between OC Great Park represenatives and the IBEW (electrical union). The rumor is the unions are seeking a PLA for the construction projects at OCGP. Since the unions once got the Republicans on the OC Board of Supervisors to bite off on a PLA when they were supporting the El Toro airport concept, it makes sense they are going after a PLA now.

According to my contact, there is hope that Lennar Communities would see the wisdom in not signing a PLA but their track record of late is rather POOR. Last year alone Lennar signed two PLA’s – one in San Diego and one in San Francisco. These projects also had what are known as “Community Benefit Agreements,” which contain about every social justice issue program that exists. This gives me great concern in regards to the Great Park status with regards to union involvement.

I urge my readers to please contact the OCGP staff or the Board of Directors. This is far from over – we had very little warning when the OC PLA came up for a vote. This time we just might stop the latest OC PLA. To find out more about the CFEC, and why PLAs are bad, go to this link.

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