Time to outsource the police and fire departments in Santa Ana?

My article about the Santa Ana library system shortcomings elicited some great responses and one of them alluded to the fact that the police and fire departments monopolize much of the city budget, therefore not allowing enough money for the libraries or the parks.

Well, there is a solution to that problem – it’s called outsourcing. In this case, Santa Ana, the county seat, could contract with the Orange County Fire Authority and the OC Sheriff’s Department and do away with the local police and fire departments. The question is, how much could the city save by doing this?

We already have a mutual aid compact with both of these agencies, and the OC Sheriff’s departments oversees the bailiffs at the OC Courthouse in downtown Santa Ana. Therefore the transition could not possibly be that difficult.

Don’t get me wrong, the Santa Ana police and fire departments do a great job – but if keeping them means having horrible parks and not enough libraries, etc., then we need to look at the outsourcing option.

There would also be a political benefit to this move. Currently the local police and fire unions control our City Council by backing the candidates that they know will do their bidding. If we outsource those services, say goodbye to those unions, and to their influence on our local elected officials.

If any of our readers can share information about possible savings that could be realized by outsourcing our police and fire departments, I would very much appreciate it. Also, those of you who are aware of the negatives to this approach, please share with the rest of us.

I’m tired of living in a second-rate city. Our Mayor and City Council seem to be happy with a city that underserves its residents. Enough! We need new ideas, and we need to pressure our electeds to pay attention. If Jose Solorio and Carlos Bustamante want us to take their ambitions to move to higher office seriously, now is the time for them to show us that they deserve our support. Gentlemen, it is your fault that our city is in the shape it is now. Tell us what you plan to do in the next three months to get us moving in the right direction!

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