Coyotl strikes again, and his protest backfires as usual

What is it about “immigrant-rights” activists that inspires them to call those who oppose them “racists?” Yesterday our old friend Coyotl Tezcalipoca was at it again, calling Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor a racist. You might remember him as the La Raza goon who got arrrested at a Costa Mesa City Council meeting. (Of course his backers later claimed that Mansoor was the one at fault).

This time Coyotl and company organized a march in Costa Mesa to protest Mansoor’s plan to get rid of illegal immigrants who prey on the community. I still don’t see what is wrong with that. Coyotl and his friends, including something called the Tonantzin Collective (sounds Commie to me!), are also mad that Mansoor closed a day-labor site for illegals. Aren’t there any Home Depots in Costa Mesa for them to stand in front of?

These kinds of protests usually do more to help those opposed by Coyotl and his rabble. The OC Register article about the march did not indicate whether or not they were waving Mexican flags, but you know they probably were. Coyotl did advise his motley band of leftists to not cuss at those opposed to him, according to the OC Register, which was big of him. Keep it up Coyotl – your actions are only going to help Mansoor win reelection by a landslide! Besides, we know what always happens to the Coyote in those cartoons. Beep! Beep!

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