Coalition of liberal elite takes aim at Mansoor

Allan Mansoor, the Mayor of Costa Mesa, became a target of OC liberals when he and a majority of his city council members decided to have their city police officers trained in immigration enforcement. Now they have coalesced their effort by forming an organization called “Return to Reason,” according to a Daily Pilot article. Daily Pilot columnist Steve Smith also piled on with a column that mentioned the new group and called on Mansoor to embrace “consensus, not confrontation.”

According to the Daily Pilot article, the new anti-Mansoor group is headed by former Costa Mesa Mayor Joe Erickson, and retired Costa Mesa Police Chief Dave Snowden. Their spokesperson is an attorney named Steve Dzida.

I was not able to identify if these individuals are Democrats, but you can find out a lot about Dzida by searching for his name on the Internet. He joined a group of lawyers in saving a Catholic Worker facility in Santa Ana that was targeted by the City of Santa Ana, because they were serving homeless people, according to a Catholic Reporter article. Dzida is an experienced rabble-rouser and he knows how to work the media.

Others who have joined the new anti-Mansoor group, include:

  • C.J. Segerstrom and Sons, owners of South Coast Plaza (attention Mansoor fans – time to boycott South Coast Plaza!)
  • Former Costa Mesa Mayor Arlene Schaeffer
  • Some guy named Manfredo Lespier
  • Costa Mesa Council Member Katrina Foley
  • Costa Mesa Council Member Linda Dixon
  • School Board Member Dana Black
  • School Board Member Dave Brooks

I spoke to Cypress Council Member Mike McGill earlier today about the attack on Mansoor. McGill led his City Council, several weeks ago, in supporting both the Mansoor plan and the similar plan developed by OC Sheriff Mike Carona. McGill mentioned that he was interviewed by a couple of Latina TV reporters about his support for Mansoor’s plan to train police officers on immigration enforcement. They asked him if he thought the Mansoor plan was racist. McGill answered them by talking about how he goes to a church that has a significant Guatemalan membership. McGill sees the Mansoor plan as protecting immigrants like his Guatemalan friends at church from the illegal immigrant criminals that prey on them.

Mansoor also mentioned in one of the Daily Pilot articles that the first illegal immigrants to get caught under his new plan were sex offenders. That’s right! Mansoor is not targeting law abiding citizens – he is going after illegals who commit crimes. What is wrong with that? I worked at a criminal defense law firm several years ago, and most of our clients were Latinos. They came to us with DUIs, sex offenses, assault and battery charges, wife-beating offenses, etc. Most of the time there victims were fellow Latinos. And many, many times the offenders skipped bail and returned to Mexico, or Central and South America. I knew that many of them would be back later with different fake ID’s and different names.

I don’t think it is reasonable to coddle criminals, and neither does Mansoor. Apparently Dzida and his liberal friends think otherwise. A line has been drawn in the sand, and I suspect when it is all over a majority of Costa Mesa residents will vote to keep Mansoor in office.

I am reminded of the disaster wrought in North Korea by the Clinton administration. They engaged in the kind of “consensus” favored by Daily Pilot columnist Steve Smith, and ended up giving Kim Jong-Il, the fascist dictator of North Korea, a nuclear power plant. And of course he is now using that plant to develop materials for nuclear warheads. Thankfully the nuclear missile he tested the other day blew up shortly after it launched. Let’s hope the “Return to Reason” group also fails to reach its target.

You just can’t negotiate with those who prey on us – criminals need to be punished. If you live in Costa Mesa, beware – the liberals are now trying to keep the criminals out of jail. That should not be tolerated. You can voice your response to this by sending a note to the Daily Pilot. You can also send your opinion to the Costa Mesa City Council via email.

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