Battle for mayoral term limits in Santa Ana set to continue on Monday

I don’t normally support term limits but when it comes to Santa Ana I am making an exception. Our current Mayor, Miguel Pulido, has been in power for 12 years – the equivalent of three presidential terms. Enough is enough! He claims that some major city projects need several terms to complete. Really? Which ones Pulido?

Our parks are unkempt, compared to those in Irvine and Tustin. Our streets remain riddled with potholes. The riots by illegals immigrants that took place earlier this year were an embarrassment. We have two libraries, to serve a huge population of young people, and the bookmobiles were just cancelled. What projects could Pulido be talking about?

Perhaps he is proud of the already dying Artists’ Village? Or maybe he is talking about the ridiculous medians that were installed on some streets. Of course my readers will recall that some years after they were installed Santa Ana City Manger Dave Ream decided the city could not afford to maintain them, and he tried to pass an assessment, which of course failed.

Maybe Pulido is talking about Mike Harrah’s One Broadway Plaza plan (OBP)? But now it looks like that ridiculous idea may not even go forward. I am at a loss as to what in the world Pulido could be talking about – but maybe something is still in the works. I doubt that however.

Ironically, the only council members who are openly calling for term limits are Claudia Alvarez and Lisa Bist, although I believe that Mike Garcia voted for the limits initially. Shame on Alberta Christy, Jose Solorio and Carlos Bustamante for voting with Pulido! Remember this my friends on the Democrat side of the aisle. Make sure you call or email Solorio and ask him to reconsider. He still needs your votes in the upcoming general election. And those of you who are Republicans, be sure to let Bustamante know that you won’t be supporting him for Lou Correa’s seat on the Board of Supervisors unless he backs the mayoral term limits.

The Santa Ana City Council meeting on Monday starts at 6 p.m. To find out more about this story go to the OC Register story at this link.

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