Changes coming to the Orange Juice blog team

Ready or not…here comes Tim Whitacre! I have invited Whitacre, the energetic OC GOP leader and Santa Ana civic activist to join our blog team – and he has accepted. Whether you admire him or despise him, I know that you will find his comments to be interesting and relevant to the OC political scene.

I have known Whitacre since the late 1990’s. I brought him onto the OC GOP Central Committee as an alternate, back when I was serving as the OC GOP Hispanic Outreach Director, and this year he returned the favor by helping me run for the same body. Whitacre is perhaps best known for coordinating the recall of Santa Ana School Board Member Nativo Lopez. Since then he has gained even more notoriety by running Lt. Bill Hunt’s campaign against OC Sheriff Mike Carona. Hunt and Whitacre almost forced Carona into a runoff.

Whitacre is currently embroiled in a lawsuit against the OC GOP due to the unethical actions of a handful of Caronistas on the OC GOP Executive and Endorsement Committees. I for one am eager to find out more about Whitacre’s upcoming activities, and now he will be sharing that information with our readers.

Whitacre recently told me that his comments had been censored on other local blog sites, which is what gave me the idea to bring him on board here at the Orange Juice. As our readers know, we don’t delete comments unless they are profane. Our blog team is very careful about this and we often seek each other’s counsel before deleting a post. We NEVER delete posts just because we disagree with the poster’s sentiments. Our only other rule is that members of our blog team must use their full names when posting. You, our readers, are of course welcome to post anonymously – but I hold our team to a higher standard. We stand by what we post – right or wrong – and as such we are accountable to our readers and to the public at large.

Our team will also add another education writer very soon, to complement Bernedette Medrano’s fine work. She has been very busy of late and has not been able to post much, which is a shame; this has led me and Claudio Gallegos to look for another education writer to enhance our efforts in that important area. We have someone in mind and I hope she will come aboard soon.

Thanks as always to all our readers for sharing their thoughts here at the Orange Juice. Please join me in welcoming Whitacre; he should be posting on our site within the next few days.

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