Will Democrats unite in central Orange County?

While perusing the blogosphere today I came across an item by my favorite political reporter, Martin Wisckol, over at his OC Register blog, Total Buzz. Wisckol was responding to my post about a possible game plan for the OC GOP in central Orange County. My plan calls for the three Republican candidates in this area, Lynn Daucher, Ryan Gene Williams and Tan Nguyen to unite their efforts and entice the Governor to campaign in central OC. However, I am assuming that their Democrat counterparts, Jose Solorio, Lou Correa, and Loretta Sanchez, will likewise unite against them. But will they?

Sanchez supported Solorio’s opponent, Armando de la Libertad, during the primary for the 69th Assembly Caucus. Correa supported the other Democrat candidate for the 69th, Claudia Alvarez. Now that Solorio is the clear-cut winner of that campaign, will Sanchez and Correa feel inclined to support him? Will they work together with him? Correa has been grooming Alvarez as his protege for years; Sanchez once employed de la Libertad. If memory serves correct, Correa and Sanchez have never been close. She did not support him against Jim Morrisey. Will Correa and Sanchez now set aside those old alliances and disagreements and embrace Solorio – and each other? I’m thinking not.

That means of course that the Republicans have some reason to hope – especially if they can lure Scharzenegger into a campaign stop or two in Anaheim or Santa Ana. I have also heard that Daucher’s handlers might be willing to help Williams to raise money in Sacramento. That would be a wise move. If Williams can mount a serious campaign, he will force the Democrats to spend money against him. That is money they won’t be able to spend against Daucher, or Nguyen for that matter.

Of course this is all moot if the Democrats make nice. With Alvarez out of the picture, they have at least purged themselves of the most vindictive and mean-spirited candidate in their midst.

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