Williams: Daucher is a tea and crumpets lady running in a taqueria district

No matter what you think of Ryan Gene Williams, the fact is he is a fun guy to converse with. The 20 year old Texan has a finely developed sense of humor, which should continue to serve him well as the OC GOP candidate for the 69th Assembly District. But sometimes his wry comments can get him in hot water. To wit, today’s OC Weekly article about Williams includes the very funny quote I used in the headline for this post. As one might expect, it earned Williams a phone call from Lynn Daucher’s handlers, but that didn’t phase him.

If anything, Williams is consistent, and he has faith in his candidacy, longshot though it may be. He told Daucher’s people the same thing he has been telling everyone else – if the GOP backs him, the Democrats won’t be able to unload all their resources against Daucher. That’s right – Williams wants to force the Democrats to fight on more than one front. To that end, his campaign will indeed be coordinating with Daucher’s and “Think Tan” Nguyen, the former Democrat running for the 47th Congressional District.

By the way, Williams won a seat on the OC GOP Central Committee, in the recent primary elections. He will also earn one as the ex-oficio candidate for the 69th A.D. That means he will be able to make two alternate appointments to the 69th A.D. caucus, and he will have two votes. He may be only 20 years old, but he is now the most powerful member of that caucus, for what it is worth. Nevertheless, I got more votes than he did – and Tim Whitacre remains the most well known member of our caucus, and the caucus now inlcudes an elected school board member, James Vanderbilt. I know we will all be pulling for Williams in the upcoming general election.

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