OC GOP Flag Day dinner stories you didn’t read elsewhere

As most of you already know, the Republican Party of Orange County held a fundraiser earlier this week, ostensibly to celebrate Flag Day. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up and was smart enough to toss his script, which likely alluded to his liberal bond measures, choosing instead to wax poetic about his lifelong love for the U.S. flag. However, according to a GOP insider, there’s more to the story.

O.C. Register columnist Frank Mickadeit wrote about how wonderful the GOP speaker was at this event. They were supposed to get former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, but his staff later said that this event was never on his calendar. So they invited radio host Dennis Prager instead. According to Mickadeit, Prager rocked the house. However, would he have sold out the event?

My source tells me that when OC GOP Central Committee members were asked whom they would like to have speak at this event, Giuliani blew away the competition. Why the liberal Giuliani would elicit such a reaction is beyond me, but whatever the case, it is possible that the OC GOP Chairman, Scott Baugh either willfully or accidentally misled his fellow Republicans, in essence conducting a bait and switch with Prager subbing for Giuliani.

The other funny story to come out of this event was that apparently Baugh set up a table for Republican “underdogs.” Seated at that table were OC Supervisorial candidate Cassie DeYoung, Lupe Moreno, and Ryan Gene Williams, amongst others. Now I’m glad I didn’t go – I’m sure I would have been stuck there too! Unless they also had a “troublemaker” table. The key to these functions is to sit by the door so you can make an early exit after dessert…

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