Moorlach should be the main focus of the OC GOP…but he’s not

When I first heard that OC Treasurer John Moorlach was running for Jim Silva’s seat on the OC Board of Supervisors I figured that the OC GOP machine would make his campaign a priority. In truth, now that he is running, the local Republicans are seemingly fixated on reelecting OC Sheriff Mike Carona, and on sending Silva to Sacramento to represent the 67th Assembly District. They also spent a lot of time and money on the recently defeated Diane Harkey, and seemingly everyone in the machine remains fixated on RINO Lynn Daucher’s quest for the 34th Senate District. What about Moorlach?

Steven Greenhut writes that “the unions are desperate to stop Moorlach.” But is the OC GOP machine desperate to elect him? I wish I could say they were, but so far I just don’t see them shifting their focus from the aforementioned candidates – and that is a damn shame. As has been widely reported of late, OC Supervisor Chris Norby, the only conservative on the Board of Supervisors, appears to be wavering in his convictions of late, endorsing Daucher and her liberal friend Marty Simonoff, for their respective state legislative races. He also endorsed his fellow Supervisor, pro-union squish Silva, against a more conservative Republican, Cypress Councilmember Mike McGill. Moorlach, if elected, can be expected to pull Norby back to the right, which will be a welcome development.

I believe that OC Republicans simply have not realized that Moorlach needs their help. I hope they figure it out before it is too late. Moorlach has also struggled in the early going with his support for his would-be successor, Chriss Street, who has been attacked repeatedly over the last few weeks for his role in a corporate bankruptcy. My sources tell me that the charges are illegitimate and are merely an excuse for the OC public employee unions to attack both Street and Moorlach (see the latest Times article and judge for yourself). Street pretty much said the same thing in a rebuttal printed in the OC Register’s editorial pages today. (However, I could not find a link to it on the Register website, otherwise I would have included it here). Norby already panicked and pulled his endorsement of Street. Somehow I thought he might be made of sterner stuff, but he is also fighting for reelection, and that has likely factored in his strange endorsements as well.

So will county Republicans rally around Moorlach? I hope so. If the unions succeed in defeating him, we may not be able to elect any conservatives to the Board of Supervisors in the future. And the future is right around the corner. I expect Supervisor Lou Correa to destroy Tom Umberg in the upcoming primary election for the 34th State Senate District. He will then likely trounce RINO Lynn Daucher in the general. That will open up his seat on the Board of Supervisors. Already I am hearing that numerous Republicans and Democrats are interested in that seat. If we are to elect a conservative in that race, we must first get Moorlach elected, or else we will face an uphill battle in every ensuing supervisorial election in the OC. That prospect should scare even the most fervent Caronistas, and Silva hacks, who are wasting their time and money on sell-out Republicans who really aren’t conservatives. Moorlach is the real deal – but the OC GOP better figure that out soon and get busy.

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