OC GOP Chairman needs to step down

Just when I thought there might be some hope for Scott Baugh, the OC GOP Chairman, I found out tonight that he refused to allow OC GOP Central Committee member Tim Whitacre to participate in a scheduled OC GOP Executive Committee meeting that was held at Baugh’s office earlier today. Whitacre was appointed to the OC GOP Executive Committee by the 69th Assembly District GOP Caucus. That means that Baugh was totally out of order by refusing to let Whitacre participate in the meeting.

Baugh even called the police and tried to have Whitacre arrested. That ploy failed and Whitacre ended up getting a police report from the police officers attesting to the fact that Baugh illegally tried to keep an elected member of the OC GOP Executive Committee out of a meeting that he had every right to participate in.

Mark Bucher was the only Executive Committee member who even tried to talk Baugh out of this ridiculous and illegal course of action. The rest of them went along sheepishly with Baugh. Needless to say, Whitacre will probably sue Baugh for this too, in addition to his other lawsuit over the Carona endorsement fiasco.

In all the years that I have been involved with the OC GOP Central Committee, I have never seen such a mess. I have had enough. Baugh needs to step down immediately. He simply cannot function as Chair of the OC GOP. I hope that Bucher will replace him. Certainly no one else on the Executive Committee has the huevos to say no to the Schroeders and Fleischmans of the world. Somebody has to rise above the fray and run the party ethically. It is readily apparent that Baugh is not that person.

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