How do unions spell relief? H-A-R-M-A-N

Less than a week after ostensibly Republican Assemblyman Tom Harman beat Diane Harkey for the 35th Senate District, he added his name as a co-author to Assembly Bill 2929 – a measure designed to stop the establishment and growth of merit (non-union) apprenticeship programs!

Assembly Bill 2929 is backed by several pro-union liberal Democrats and it is the #1 bill being advanced by the unions in 2006 to attack the non-union shops. The bill would establish “severe and prohibitive new standards for the approval of Merit Shop apprenticeship programs” according to my sources in Sacramento. Opponents of the bill have been unable to find out why Harman is sponsoring a union bill meant to “stop competition and choice in training for a construction career.” I however know why – it is quid pro quo. The unions are spending a ton of money on the campaign of Harman’s wife, Diane, for the 67th Assembly District.

Opponents of the bill ask that Harman’s constituents fax Harman

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